I was born in Brooklyn, NY, and grew up on the North Shore of Long Island.  After receiving my first camera as a gift when I was 9 -- a manual Minolta SR-1 and a hand-held light meter -- I gradually progressed from "taking pictures" to discovering and honing my love of the art of photography. I learned how to develop and process 35mm film, and to print my own images, both black & white and color.

After attending Ohio State University, I worked professionally in New York and San Francisco, shooting product catalogs, commercial print and magazine ads, and artist portfolios. I have followed the technology as photography slowly evolved from film-based to digital media, and I continue to shoot in both formats to pursue that distinctive, elusive image that defines my art.

I currently live in Jacksonville, Florida where I continue to manipulate Time, Color, and Space.

The camera that started it all.